Wooden Twist MarketPlace FAQs
Here are frequently asked questions for Wooden Twist MarketPlace.

Wooden Twist MarketPlace FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about Wooden Twist MarketPlace


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  • When i will get payment for my orders?

    Wooden Twist will pay your earnings every month between 1st to 5th for all orders which are marked delivered + 7 days ( expiry of return period)

    For Example - 

    If your order is delivered on 15th Oct then it will be eligible for payment on 22nd Oct ( 15th Oct + 7 days ). So it will be paid in next payment cycle that will be 1s to 5th Nov.

  • How much amount will be paid for my order?

    Settlement Amount = Order Amount - 16% Commission - Shipping Fee - 18% GST on Commission


    For example - 

    Order Amount - Rs 500

    GST 12% - Rs 53.57

    Order Value After Tax - Rs 446.43

    16% Commission - 16% of Rs 446.43 = Rs 71.4

    Shipping Charge ( Depends Upon Weight ) Rs 150

    18% GST on commission - 18% of Rs 71.4 = Rs 12.8

    Your Earning - Rs 500 - 71.4 - 150 - 12.8 = Rs 265.8

  • Will Wooden Twist Provide Shipping For My Orders?

    Yes, shipping is handled by Wooden Twist. Your orders will be picked by our courier partners and our customer support team will make sure that your orders are delivered to customers on time.

    For pickup issues mail us at - seller@woodentwist.com

  • How much commission is charged by Wooden Twist?

    Wooden Twist charge only a 16% commission on all categories.